Menthol Aftershave Cream is magical, Pomps with Matte Pomade and Suavecito Headquarters wants to see you

lonestar-roundup-17_1024x1024 Suavecito Pomade

We are on our way to @LoneStarRoundup as we type this message! But we swear we're not posting and driving! That is not the Firme way!

We hope to see all of you guys out there! We will have our brand new amazing Matte Pomade and the very potent and rich smelling Eucalyptus Parsley Spring Pomade there for you to try out and smell! Show specials all weekend too so you definitely do not want to miss it! 

Menthol Vanishing Cream - Open - Suavecito Pomade

For those who have sensitive skin and/or are easily irritated when shaving try our Menthol Aftershave Cream. This aftershave cream will leave your face, or your clients face, feeling smooth and looking great. It works very hard to repair your skin after a shave getting rid of irritation and redness. That tingly feeling is the natural menthol and mint doing it’s job! A little bit of this magic stuff goes a long way with this jar lasting a very long time. It's a no brainer that you should pick one up today! 

Ace_Cardenas_ - side part pomp styled with suavecito matte pomade

@ace_cardenas_ styled this great looking cut with our new Matte Pomade. A fine display of the versatility of the pomade and how you can achieve a nice pomp with it. Well done sir! 

Inside the suavecito pomade headquarters in santa ana california

Come by the Suavecito HQ and get your hands on the limited edition Suavecito Eucalyptus Parsley Spring Pomade soon! We are open from 8am-6pm Monday through Friday and are open from 9am-5pm on Saturdays! We are unfortunately closed on Sunday. Our address is: 2831 West 1st St. Santa Ana, CA 92703 Please come by, say hi to our awesome staff and smell and try out our new pomades. We have something here for everyone and we love meeting you guys! 

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