Premium Blends Hair Pomade

Premium Blends Hair Pomade

Suavecito Premium Blends* - a pomade like none other. Combining the best of a water-based pomade with an oil-based pomade to create a unique blend of hair dressing with form and function. Malleable all day without a crunchy feeling, this product will do what you want and keep you smelling great as it does it’s job. It is made with carefully selected natural ingredients to keep the hair and scalp healthy. This hair cream washes out with ease while leaving the hair feeling great.

*This item is FINAL SALE

Proudly made in the United States. 4 oz. tin.

  • A hybrid pomade that has a great reworkable all day hold
  • Washes out easily with just water
  • Made with natural ingredients such as Coconut Oil, Jojoba Seed Oil and Lavender Oil
  • No harsh chemicals, no artificial fragrances or color
  • Comes to you in a classic 4 ounce metal tin
  • *Fill appearance may vary
  • *Display box availability may vary

Directions: Start with a small dab in palm of the hand. Rub hands together to warm product. Work into hair root to tip. Style with fingers or comb. Wash out with water.   

Always trying to innovate and strive for difference we at Suavecito Pomade have worked tirelessly to bring to you a unique products that work incredibly well. Staying true to our routes by combining affordability and quality our Premium line was born. We wanted to create a new pomade that performed flawlessly. We love using oil based products for our hair but don’t like not being able to wash it out. We don’t want to fuss with any special shampoos, soaps or a blogged about “recipe” to get rid of the stuff. A pomade that performed like a wax but washed out with water is what we wanted and what we created. From there we wanted to use only the best ingredients and put an emphasis on premium quality without making it terribly expensive. We think we succeeded.