Suavecito X Mr. Rhythm

Jowee Ramirez A.K.A. Mr. Rhythm

About Mr. Rhythm

Jowee Ramirez is “Mr. Rhythm”, a Los Angeles based pinstriper that is making a name for himself in the custom industry. This Navy veteran started putting brush to ink only 5 years ago which puts him on the young end of his peers.

Us here at Suavecito had heard of this up-and-coming artist about 3 years ago and how a "Mr. Rhythm" was making his way around the car show circuit here in Southern California doing mostly on-site jobs. Once we finally met the man we grew to like him immediately. Here was someone that was obviously very talented in his line of work and very serious about his craft. Best of all, Mr. Rhythm was a humble guy that wasn't so much obsessed with talking about his work as much as he was with showing it off. This is the quality that we find most admirable.

Very quickly we all became friends and it seemed like only a matter of time before we would link up and create something together. All it would take would be for Mr. Rhythm to meet the right people before he could showcase his body of work to the public. He is very involved and prideful of his club The Usuals Social Club and his connection with fellow member Danny Estrada (Suavecito contributing artist) and through this, he would develop a relationship with the guys at Us Versus Them.

After talking to one of the head honchos there, he expressed interest in having some sort of exhibit for his work. They took him seriously. They took him so seriously, in fact, that they scheduled his very own exhibit in his name. Mr. Rhythm admits that he was overwhelmed. He insisted that the show can take place only with the support of his friends and he put them on the bill along with him. “Los Angeles Lines” was born and set to take place on Saturday Dec. 14th 2013.

With this, the opportunity for a collaboration was a no-brainer. We got together, with the help of Danny Estrada, to create a SUAVECITO X MR.RHYTHM can that embodied the nature of both Suavecito and the pinstriping of Mr. Rhythm.

With inspiration drawn from the One Shot paint cans that scatter the work area in his garage in West Covina, CA, a Suavecito Pomade can was designed that captured this spirit. For a man that spends hours working away and often finds himself alone with only his brush and paint can, this limited edition pomade can strikes a chord in the mind of this pinstriper that is perfecting his art-form and making a name for himself as a renowned artist.

This piece of art filled with the goodness of Suavecito Pomade will premiere on Dec. 14th at the “Los Angeles Lines” exhibit at the Us Versus Them gallery in Whittier, CA where you can grab yourself an individually numbered can.

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