Grooming Tips | How To Keep Hair & Facial Hair Looking It's Best

  • Beard Care Techniques And Products For Keeping Facial Hair Healthy

    If you have a beard, take care of it. Use the right products. Wash and clean your beard and always make sure it is properly moisturized. Dry hair and dry skin is the enemy. Use a beard conditioner if you don’t style everyday. Use beard oil, balm, or butter everyday if you need a little style. Brush your hair daily, twice daily, thrice daily. Never brush without a small application of beard oil. Otherwise ouch!

  • Shaving Best Practices & Products

    Shaving is cool. Shaving is really cool. Taking a super sharp razor and basically getting surgical with it is cool. Do you know how close you are to cutting your face off every time you shave in the morning? Pretty close. The most interesting part is, we’re all striving for a closer shave- meaning we want that razor even closer to the skin. Are we crazy or are we just that cool?

  • Pomade, Hair Wax, Clay, Gel, Paste? Which Is Right For Me?

    So, you’re sitting there and you’re asking yourself, “what do I want from a hair product and which one is for me?” Or maybe you’re here for no reason at all and found us by accident. Well, welcome to you as well!

    Either way you found this, read on and give a thought to what type of hair you have and what style you want. In this guide we’re going to walk through the different types of hair products out there and which ones will work best for you and your hair.