A Beautiful Shoebox Named La Perla in Austin Texas

 red converse shoes on top of suavecito pomade welcome mat

Time to get this day started! Nothing beats a visit to the shop for a fresh cut and always remember to tip your barbers. They deserve to be rewarded for their hard work that they put in day in and day out. 

guitar with suavecito hat laying next to it

Da homie @__carlos__g stays reppin' Suavecito! He also shreds on the ole' guitar. You can catch him on stage with the @tequilaworms. Thanks for the support hombre!


Here's a little throwback from our trip to Austin, Texas for the @lonestarroundup. This is da homie @emanuelshakeyhands Shoebox. Ain't she a beaut? If we're not mistaken her name is La Perla.


The gorgeous @Bryona_ashly in her Suavecita Pomade Victory Kisses tee. We'll put the handcuffs on ourselves and gladly leave with her.

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