Alexandra the Suavecita Babe, Lonestar Roundup, Unscented Pomade and Dutch Traditional Cuts

Alexandra Christina instagram suavecita pomade

Let's kick the week off on a good foot, what do you think? Here is Alexandra Christina (@glampyre666) rockin' her OG @SuavecitaPomade tee and she is looking mighty fine in it. Love the victory curls and color as well!  Thank you for all the support Alexandra!   

Lonestar Roundup - Sticker - Road Trip '15

Before Viva Las Vegas there is @lonestarroundup in Austin, Texas! This is show you do not want to miss! It never disappoints! If you have a chance to head out to Lonestar you should go. The Saturday cruise on Congress avenue is ridiculous! It's basically a car show in itself, you don't want to miss it. See you guys this upcoming weekend!

mutiaracuts - pomp netherlands

Great looking cut! @mutiaracuts from the Netherlands is showcasing his skills with this traditional cut and the styling is flawless. Hell yeah, well done. He finished this cut off with Suavecito Pomade to hold it all together. Keep up the work! 

Unscented Pomade - Barber Tools - Suavecito Pomade

Suavecito Unscented Pomade. We understand that some people are allergic or their spouse is allergic to certain fragrances or they just prefer scentless products.  We want everyone to look their most firme so if this is you now you can rock Suavecito Pomade in your hair! Ask your Suavecito Rep today how you can get it in your shop! And do not worry guys we still have our classic scented pomade, we just wanted to look out for the others. Currently only available for Wholesale/Re-sellers. It will be made available for everyone else on 4/14/17.

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