Argentina Barbershop gets down, New Spring Apparel and Spring Pomade is glorious

elatico barberia barbershop with suavecito pomade argentina

You know this little hombre is feeling like a million bucks and wants to show off his haircut, but he's playing it cool. We don't blame him though everyone can be a little bit camera shy once in awhile. @elaticobarberia from Argentina nailed this side part pomp and gave this young man a cut fit for a gentleman. Styled with Suavecito Firme Hold and what else could finish up such an artistic cut?  

Eucalyptus Parsley - Spring Pomade - Bench suavecito pomade seasonal pomade

This season's Spring Pomade is not going to be here forever and we're already seeing limited stock quantities happening. The thing with these seasonal scented and limited time pomades is that we really only produce a certain number. Once we sell them all they're gone forever. There will be a couple for our little museum at headquarters here but that is it! This pomade is a winner with a great fragrance that is subtle enough to wear all day but there's enough to smell amazing. 

Black Plates Tee - Vic and his Chevy - Suavecito Spring '17

Black Plates Tee and the rest of the Suavecito Spring '17 Collection is out now! We are super proud of this line we have done and along with the Spring Pomade we feel this season has been a blast for Suavecito. This photo shoot was a whole lot of fun and we'll get more into that later... A security guard tried to throw a wrench in the shoot, but we made it happen. We usually always do. That is the Suavecito way. 

After Hours at the Shop - Suavecito HQ

That's a wrap for today and the week here on the Suavecito Daily Digest. Just as a reminder, our store will be open tomorrow at 9am sharp and close the doors at 5pm. We do have the new Spring '17 Collection as well as the Eucalyptus Parsley Spring Pomade! Hope to see you guys here!  2831 West 1st St. Santa Ana, CA 92703

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