Babes, Pomade, Cars and Hair... What Else is There?

thelodgebarberco - constancios hair glistening with suavecito pomade in it

Check out this glistening side part cut by our friend @constancios_wild_years of @thelodgebarberco. That's a clean part! Styled with Suavecito Pomade for that glossy finish. What could it be with a look as sweet as that, pretty much nothing else. Suavecito is made to make you look great, feel great and last for the entire day and then some. We will always have your back, trust in us. 

Dirt Alliance - fron of stay gold barber shop

Here's another photo from our weekend with @dirt_alliance, @heedprojects and @staygoldbarbers! These 2 trucks sittin' pretty outside the shop! More content from this trip will be coming your way! And we are excited to give you the goods.  

Christina---Merc---3---Tiki-Oasis-'17 suavecito pomade

Ran into the beautiful @adorabellachristina while we were at @tikioasis. Got a chance to shoot with her too! Shout out to the homie @theofficaljamezthomson for letting us use his ride for the shoot. That thing was clean! It was a real beauty to see in person. 

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