Daphne Blake is real and shes a babe, saffron for the beard, parsley eucalyptus for the hair

Inside the Nova Light Grey OG Crewneck Suavecito Pomade

Our boy Dan rockin' his OG Heather Grey Crewneck on this breezy morning. It starting to get warmer but these mornings and nights can be slightly chilly. Don't forget to bring a light jacket with you on your adventures. 

Firme Brush Eucalyptus Parsley Spring Pomade Open

We are all out of the OG Spring Pomade, but we do still have Firme Hold. Who knows how long that will last though! These pomades are here for a limited time and make a great collectors items!  With a rich and inviting Parsley Eucalyptus scent that will treat you very well throughout the whole day, it's no wonder why the OG flew off the shelf. Minor notes of lime zest, bergamot and rosewood to round out the palate. Get it, hombre!

the_tiah model that looks like Daphne Blake in real life

If Scooby Doo was real, this would be Daphne Blake! What a bombshell! @the_tiah is this week's WCW.

Saffron Beard Oil Lonestar Booth Suavecito Pomade

Saffron, it’s amazing. @SuavecitoPremium Saffron oil has a refined scent with earthy base notes, rich leather and a bittersweet floral bite. Grab one beard oil and don’t look back. You need performance, you need quality and you need ease of use in a grooming product.  You are a man after all. All of @SuavecitoPremium Blends beard oils are made form the best stuff on Earth!

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