Eucalyptus Parsley Pomade changes your life, a Lincoln Continental named Suavecita and a babe in the woods...

OG - Eucalyptus Parsley - Spring Pomade - Open

In celebration of the season, our Limited Edition Eucalyptus Parsley reminds you of a fresh new garden in the yard. Get up out of bed crawl out to the yard and breath deep, very deep. Nothing like waking up to this refreshing fragrance! We bottled it and injected it into our new seasonal pomade and it turned green! This uniquely scented pomade will invigorate your day with purpose and drive. It's the perfect blend of a great smelling scent of the season with the best characteristics of a water based strong hold pomade. 

beautiful Lincoln Continental riding low to the ground

Check out @_phillip_gabriel_'s beautiful Lincoln Continental riding low to the ground. His nickname for her is Suavecita and she's a beauty! Ladies aren't always the Suavecita in our lives, sorry but it's the truth. Can't wait to see it at a car show hombre!

Eucalyptus and Tea Tree - Tile - Suavecito Premium - Beard Oils

@SuavecitoPremium Blends Eucalyptus & Tea Tree Beard Oil aged in North American Bourbon Barrel. This eucalyptus and tea tree blend will invigorate your beard and get the job done. A pairing so perfect it’s almost the standard. Our beard oils do a great job of promoting your hair and skin's health underneath. What they do is enrich the skin and beard with essential oils that bring back and keep moisture in. This will reduce that itchiness you may feel sometimes and prevent beard dandruff. Just as you would take care of the hair on top of your head, you want to do the same for the beard. 

Patty at the Grill - Portrait - Suavecita - Spring '17

Check out @PatteMoon in @SuavecitaPomade's  all new Mariachi Tee! It's a tee that speaks volumes about dancing to your own beat and staying in touch with your inner beat. We loaded up the Bus and went out to the woods for this shoot. It was nice to get away from the city for a bit and enjoy the outdoors. Everyone needs that once in awhile to soothe the soul and do some healing. In today's day and age there is a lot of hustle and bustle and sometimes it can be too much for our psyche. 

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  • Please please. I’m such a huge fan of this company and a daily SUAVECITO user. One edition specifically 2017 spring edition had to the best scent that came out. Is there any possibility of that returning?? If so please do. Thank you!

    Javier Chavez

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