Football Stars Wear Suavecito, New Spring Apparel, Haircuts and Combs

Gracias por su apoyo y saludos desde Santa Ana, CA

@theo3hernandez and @rubensobrino19 stay firme while on the pitch with Suavecito Pomade. Have to look sharp when competing in a league like @laliga! Gracias por su apoyo y saludos desde Santa Ana, CA!

Stranger Things - Black - Spring '17 Apparel motorcycle

Our new Spring '17 Collection drops tomorrow! Who's ready for it!? We've got about 7 new styles that we will be releasing, here is another teaser of what's to come. Check out the dude in the back we think he's in awe. He was watching us shoot the whole morning with all the tees and he approved. He came over when we were wrapping and asked us what it was all about. We explained a little bit about our story and company and he just stood there smiling. He told us when we were finished that he wished he could still style his hair like he did when he was young but unfortunately he lost his thick head of hair. He walked off with a bunch of the new t-shirts from us after he told us that! We think there is always a way to look to Firme!  

Quartz - Penny Folding Comb - Suavecito Premium comb for styling hair on the go

@SuavecitoPremium Custom Quartz Penny Folding Comb.  Hand-carved from a solid sheet of zyl cellulose for durability. This folding comb is the perfect pocket comb for your on-the-go life. It helps you to style your hair effortlessly and look good while you do it. It's a durable and elegant hair comb and since when have those two words been used to describe something in this day and age? 

gentlemen's pristine looking side part cut

@niktzegreek, of @torreto_barbershop, stands by his work. Why wouldn't he? He nailed this pristine looking side part cut. This gentleman's hair styled just right, well done sir. Thank you for all the support of our brand and products out there in Germany. Be sure to take a look at their pages for more photography of great cuts and a cool shop! 

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