Its finally friday and here some things you need to see, coffee mugs, folding combs and car tails

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Top of the morning to you all! Let's get through this Friday and then it's nothing but puro pinche pari! But first some coffee. @kristenlorr enjoying her cup of joe right. Thank you for the support and we hope that coffee got the job done and then some. Keep it firme @kristenlorr


Looking forward to another weekend with the sun shining, open skies and beautiful cars shining bright! What do you guys have planned for the weekend? We hope you have some good driving ahead of you with the windows down and your hair blowing in the breeze. Just be sure to style it up with some Suavecito first otherwise that hair will be all over the place! And we wouldn't want that at all, would we? 


@SuavecitoPremium Black Ivory Folding Comb. Classy looking folding comb with a metal clip. Handmade from zyl-cellulose for durability which is a plant-based material. This material is very strong yet flexible making it a great choice for a grooming tool such as a hair comb. We used responsibly sourced zyl-cellulose for these combs so rest assured you're purchasing something with integrity. These combs are perfect for traveling on a long vacation or as a daily carry for when you need a quick touch up. 

Have a great weekend everyone! Also Be sure to check out our booth at Hippy Killer Hoedown this weekend if you are local to Southern California. We'll be out there tomorrow, Saturday the 22nd. 

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