Why Your Scent Is Just As Important As Your Hair

Suavecito Mens Cologne Skull Container

A perfect mens cologne to go seamlessly with your Suavecito OG Pomade. @khyo_ Starts his day off smelling fresh and so clean. The spicy base scent of musk, coppery mid-ranges and top notes of eucalyptus melt together to bring back old memories of those strong times that made what you are today. Stop at nothing to look and smell your best. If there is one thing that turns women off its poor grooming and bad odor. Suavecito is a one-stop shop for all your needs. Find OSCURO Cologne via the link in the blog. 

Three Men Wearing Suavecito Pomade Panchos

Keeping it fresh and clean the @base_lhp team is looking Firme in the Suavecito Ponchos! If these incredible pieces of apparel aren't already in your possession, you may want to grab one now. We can't promise they will be around when you realize you made a mistake by waiting. Comfortable, stylish, and functional. It's what we do here at Suavecito. 


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