Momentum Barbershop, Sim Jamal the barber and the beautiful Creme Suicide Girl

Momentum Barbershop and Streetwear in Portland Oregon

Wow, talk about aesthetics out there! @momentumportland is a firme looking shop that also carries streetwear with good taste as well. Check out how many chairs they have in the shop, that's crazy! Thank you guys for all of your support, we definitely appreciate it. It's always great seeing how different shops around the country choose to deck out and style their shops. Like fingerprints, giving an identity and character to every person, no two barbershops are alike. Check out their website here: Momentum Barbershop 

Sim Jamal broken.scizzors barbershop cut with Suavecito Matte Pomade

Here is a look at how @broken.scizzors styled this gentleman's hair using our new Suavecito Matte Pomade. His hair has nice shape to it with some volume and texture. Nicely done Sim! Looks very clean and pretty natural with the Matte Pomade. This is what we had in mind when creating our new Matte. Thanks for sending us the photos Sim! 

Belia Cremè Suicide Photo with Suavecito Pomade

Ok, wow, @cremesuicide_official has got us sweating like we stole something. One of our weak spots here is a girl with tattoos and leather! Thank you for the support out there in Argentina, Creme! Keep up the great the work. 

Grooming Spray by Suavecito Pomade for all day shine and hold in hair

The Suavecito Grooming Spray (NON-AEROSOL HAIRSPRAY) is great for restyling your hair without losing any of the hold! Sometimes when you use too much water to re-style your hair it may mess with your hair and/or loosen it a bit.  We got you covered hombre, just a couple of pumps out of this grooming spray should do the trick. Re-style as desired and it will lock in with an iron-clad grip. It smells great as well with a unique light fragrance.

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