Morrissey Suavecito Love, A Buenos Aires Suavecito Babe and Rad Life Changing Combs

Suavecito Kent combs for all hair types and hairstyles sidepart pompadour

Can't deny the power of a good, durable comb and how much of a difference it makes when styling your hair. Have you tried combing your hair with something that isn't just a cheap-o throwaway? It's almost a life changing experience when you find that comb that works perfectly for your hair. We've got an arsenal of Kent Combs (@kentbrushes) that are sure to help you get your hair on point! Check out the styling combs here on the website and find one that suits your needs. We guarantee that when you find the right one your life will be a lot richer. 

Observatory show when we were young morrissey descendents afi

Talk about a killer lineup this year! Who else got tickets to @observatoryOC's When We Were Young show!? Can't wait to see Morrissey again! As well as our good friends @tijuanapanthers with their awesome sound. There are still tickets available get them while they last. You will definitely find a lot of us there. Come find us! 

Suavecito tee babe

When she looks better in your Suavecito tee than you do... @fionasantacecilia thank you for your support. Let's just take a moment to appreciate this fine photograph... 

perfect tool to ensure your shaving cream is lathered just right

Suavecito Premium Porcelain White Shave Mug. This stunning mug is the perfect tool to ensure your shaving cream is lathered just right and in easy reach, making your morning ritual that much better. Perfect way to lather up your Suavecito Premium Shaving Creme(s) with ease. If you haven't shaved with a brush and mug you really are missing out on something. There is a reason why men have been applying shaving cream with a brush since the dinosaurs were roaming the earth. (just kidding - but it does have roots going back very far) Prepping for a shave like this is the only way to have the best shaving experience possible. It makes for a close healthy shave and prevents irritation and razor bumps. There is no reason why you shouldn't be doing it this way. Trust us. 

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