Perfect Hair Comes With A Great Mirror

Man Holding Up Suavecito Barber Mirror Looking at Hair

It's finally time to get another haircut. Whether you're just going in for a clean looking edge up or you're going all out with a new hairstyle, the end result is the same. Everyone wants to know their hair turned out perfect and any self respecting barber knows to keep a great mirror around. Reassure your clients that their haircut turned out exactly as they intended. This Suavecito stamped Barber Mirror is as functional as it is stylish. Nothing says you're a expert more than a foldable yet professional mirror for all the customers angles and needs after the cut. The best part about this display is that it's not just for barbers only. Use this  mens hair styling accessory for whatever it may be useful to you for. Shop the Barber Mirror on

Three Suavecito Hair Pomade Cans Scented and Unscented

Do you feel you run through your 4oz pomade fast? Say no more. Reach for the stars and get yourself a 32oz tub of Suavecito Hair Pomade which is equivalent to 8 cans! Save yourself around $15 dollars by purchasing in bulk. Nothing is worse than waking up in the morning, taking a shower, only to find out that your pomade can is empty! Your day may be ruined, we know ours is! Make sure you're prepared for anything this year and grab some today! We carry our Original Scent and Unscented Pomades in these sizes. Visit our shop in Santa Ana, CA or shop online at

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