Suavecito Hockey Jersey, Classic Cars and Carlos Salcido Flores with Suavecito Pomade in His Hair

pasionchiivas_noterajes instagram suavecito pomade

Yes, that is Carlos Salcido Flores!! He's got look firme when he's on the field doing the damn thing, you know. It's always a trip to see photos like this! Photo: @pasionchiivas_noterajes

Chevy VLV 20 Car Show Suavecito Pomade

Check out our recap of 20! Another great show Tom! So much going on this year, it was nuts. Once again our good friends @hirollers_barbershop killed it this year. Thank you guys for your help!  Head over to our Youtube channel to see all the action! Please don't forget to subscribe. Music by the @Sandbox_Bullies_. Song is called "Rock 'N' Roll Woman."

Suavecito Hockey Jersey

It's hockey playoffs! Who are you rooting for this year? We recommend rooting for team Suavecito. We win 90% of the time, all the time. 

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