Suavecito Metro Van Hot Wheels Car, Summer Pomade Looking Good and Paris Meets Santa Ana

chrishickmanartwerks suavecito pomade instagram

"Messing around with Hot Wheels tonight. A little homage to the product I use." - @chrishickmanartwerks. You got down on this hombre.

the desperados - andrew

Our homies @thedesperados_wildrecords are out on tour in Europe! Their first stop was Paris of course! They're always reppin' Suavecito wherever they go. Have a safe trip fellas. Show them how Santa Ana gets down!

Towel 3 Bamboo Lotus Suavecito Summer Pomade

Summer, Summer, Summertime! Summer is almost here and you know what that means! Introducing Bamboo Lotus Suavecito Summer Pomade. It has a light fresh and airy scent that ties in perfectly with everything that comes with this fine summer season; heat, ice cream, and the beach. To be more specific it has notes of Lotus Blossom, Lily, Bamboo Reeds and other top secret special ingredients.   Currently available only for Wholesale. Summer Pomade will be available online June 9th!

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