Suavecito Solid Cologne Is A Game Changer!

Friday vibes 🙌⁠ @roadzombie333


Our Solid Colognes come in three different fragrances: Coastal Citrus, Mar Azul, & Havana Tobacco. These removable trays of fragrance easily snap in and out of place in your Premium Blends Solid Cologne Case. The natural oil and wax based formula absorbs into skin slowly and doesn’t evaporate as quickly as a spray cologne. ⁠


@hooligansgarage checking out the @officialuniversalmonsters exhibit in the Suavecito x Frankenstein tee 👍⁠


@vintagecazarez is such a dream 😍 Hair was styled with Suavecita Pomade & Hairspray for this classic vintage look ✨🌹⁠ 📷: @hannahmonroephotography⁠


Honor the legend herself with this Frida Pop Cell Phone Holder featuring the Suavecita skeleton complete with unibrow and flower crown.⁠

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