Tijuana Panthers wear Suavecito, recycle your cans easily with this tip and Tim Hendricks' charity sketchbook

How to recycle a Suavecito Pomade can

Good morning everyone! Hope the week so far is going well. Here's a little creative spirit for today with @josh_v8's recycled Suavecito can. Thats a good look man! We love to see all the unique uses for our cans and please keep them coming! 

Tijuana Panthers wearing Suavecito Pomade hat

The homie Chad sporting the @SuavecitoPremium X @ebbetsvintage Bluestone Cap. Who else caught them this past weekend at When We Were Young Festival!? They're coming to Pomona in a few weeks. 

tim hendricks - lady in red charity notebook

@timhendricks added another sketch in his @projectsketchbook! We are beyond stoked and excited to see the end result of this. So many talented artists are contributing to this amazing project! Thank you Tim.  Be sure to follow this charity to follow the progress.

Suavecito Pomade Matte that is easy to use and apply

Suavecito Matte Pomade. This amazing formula is going to provide you with a unique hold and matte finish. No more of that tugging-hair-out-formula with your comb or brush as with some other products.  Our pomade will glide into your hair effortlessly and cleanly allowing you to style with utter ease. It finishes with a completely matte no shine finish. 

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