What is Cinco De Mayo and What is Our New Unscented Pomade?

sosametalworks - the struggle

"The struggle is real." - @sosametalworks. Photo cred @albieonthego . Everything Sosa builds is sure to turn heads! It's a trip to watch the process unfold through photos. Can't imagine how it must feel when you are the one actually building it. 

mutiaracuts pompadour styled with suavecito pomade

Smooth skin fade and not to mention a great display of texture. @mutiaracuts always showcasing some serious skills with every cut he posts. Finished this cut with Suavecito Pomade. Well done sir!

Signature Page CInco De Mayo flat

Cinco de Mayo is a fun celebratory day but let's not forget why we celebrate this day. On this day 2,000 loyal men held off 6,000 French Soldiers known as the Battle of Puebla. Led by General Ignacio Zaragoza. They were outnumbered and poorly supplied but held their own against the stronger French men. Zaragoza’s success at the Battle of Puebla on May 5th represented a great symbolic victory for the Mexican government and bolstered the resistance movement. Happy Cinco de Mayo everyone. Be safe out there.

Opened Unscented Pomade Suavecito Pomade

For those of you who are allergic to certain fragrances, sensitive to them or maybe your office doesn't allow scented hair products, then this is for you! Our goals here are to make you feel, look and smell great. You might be the connoisseur of fine colognes or a gentleman of the aftershave and don’t want a pomade (no matter how well it works) to clash with your fragrance. Our completely unscented hair pomade is also great for lighter hair colors as it does not tint your hair at all.

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