Why Changing Your Pomade Scent Regularly Is Important

Is changing hair styling pomade scents important? None of us would wear a jacket in the scorching summer heat, there are good and bad times for men's hair product scents as well. The snow is melting off the ground, the leaves are developing deep colors and the flowers are blooming. We all have our favorite part of the year and reasons why. It could be nostalgic events that remind us of the things we love, it could be the weather or possibly certain holidays. Whatever it is for you, it's the cycle of life. Just as everything around us is changing its important that we don't remain stagnant as well. Scented seasonal pomade is meant to compliment you and the season you are in. Cinnamon and vanilla are wonderfully warm and will have you feeling good inside while reminding you of the christmas holiday. The reason being they are heavier, deeper aromas much like your overcoat to keep you cozy. Summertime and the sun is out. You want something refreshing and light. Out with the old and in with the new. Nothing too strong but enough to keep you smelling great all day long. Rich but invitingly light fragrances such as lily, lotus, lime and rosewood are exactly what you need for this time of year. Switching scents is just as important as changing your wardrobe during the seasonal changes. Stay up to date so you look good, smell fantastic and feel great!

And the best example of staying true to the season is using our latest offering. Suavecito Original Hold Winter Pomade is here right in time to keep the aroma flowing.This men's hair product works well for styling short hair and long hair types of hair. It will elevate your look to the next level. Taking our already perfect mixture for hair styling products, we added hints of warm clove, spicy cinnamon, topped off with vanilla bean and nutmeg. Nothing overpowering, just enough to get the job done and add to your life. This product is one in a million just like you. The only thing better is knowing that the time ahead is filled with family and friends. Whether you're sitting down for Christmas dinner, spending time with loved ones over New Years or wearing it daily this firme hold wont let you down. Customized labeling with a red or blue background depending on the hold you want only adds to its appeal. It's the season of giving and nothing feels better then gifting someone something they will love.

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