You've Never Seen a Spray Bottle Like This, Santa Maria Car Show and Pompadours

Front Grill Santa Maria Suavecito Pomade

Reminiscing of last year's Santa Maria show on this Monday morning. Can't wait it's only a few weeks away! If you haven't made it out to this show you best make an effort this year hombre because this is a great show!

slickback pompadour hair style with suavecitopomade

@bornluckybarbershop is pomping (get it?) out some pristine cuts! Congratulations on the new shop looks like things are going well. The cuts are looking great!  This side part pomp was finished with the incredibly strong Suavecito Firme Hold Pomade to lock it into place.

Barber Pole Mist Bottle Suavecito Pomade

The Suavecito Barber Pole Fine Mist Spray Bottle is a unique spray bottle with an ergonomic design that fits easily in your hand while providing a powerful Aerosol-like spray mist. This spray bottle can be filled with any type of liquid and is perfect for wetting hair for a haircut, styling hair with a grooming spray or even cleaning surfaces with a cleaning agent.

jameyjordan art piece made of metal for suavecito pomade

Huge thank you to @jameyjordan for this piece, it turned out great. Can't wait to display it downstairs in our showroom! Check out Jamey's process for making just one of these. He also made one for @SuavecitaPomade!

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