close up man's shaped beard style

Beard Styles for Every Face Shape: Finding Your Perfect Look

Choosing the right beard style can be a game-changer, enhancing your natural features and balancing your facial proportions. Understanding your face shape is the first step to finding a beard that complements your look perfectly. Whether you have a round, oval, square, triangular, diamond, or rectangular face, there’s a perfect beard style waiting for you. Let’s dive into the best beard styles for each face shape!

Tips for All Face Shapes

For all face shapes, it's essential to prioritize upkeep and care to ensure your beard looks its best. Maintaining a well-groomed and tidy beard is paramount, so be sure to brush regularly. We recommend using a beard brush made from high quality materials such as the Suavecito Beard Brush. This is an excellent product that comes in multiple options to best suit the texture of your beard.

Additionally, don't overlook the importance of keeping your facial hair well-moisturized. For all of the following recommended looks, we suggest incorporating a beard oil to ensure your facial hair stays looking healthy and frizz-free. The Suavecito Premium Blends Beard Oil comes in a variety of enriching scents for you to choose from and is also made with Argan Oil, which will keep your beard touchably soft.

Lastly, embrace experimentation! Don't hesitate to explore various beard styles until you discover the one that perfectly complements your unique features and personal style.

Suavecito Premium Blends Oil

Beard Oil

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Suggested Beard Styles

1. Round Face: Add Some Length

If you have a round face, where the width and height are nearly equal with softer angles, adding some length can create a more structured look.

Recommended Styles

  • Goatee: Focuses on the chin, elongating the face.
  • Full Beard with Shorter Sides: Keeps the sides short and the chin area longer to add length.

Tip: Keep the sides trimmed to avoid adding width, which can make your face appear rounder.

close up man's shaped beard style
close up man's shaped beard style
2. Square Face: Soften the Angles

A square face is characterized by a strong jawline, broad forehead, and prominent angles. The goal here is to soften those sharp features.

Recommended Styles

  • Rounded Beard: Adds a gentle contrast to angular features.
  • Goatee with Mustache: Focuses on the chin and upper lip, drawing attention away from the jawline.

Tip: Avoid overly sharp beard styles that can exaggerate the angles of your face.

3. Triangular Face: Balance the Proportions

Triangular faces, with a wider jawline and narrower forehead, benefit from styles that add width to the upper face.

Recommended Styles

  • Full Beard: Adds volume and balances the wider jawline.
  • Thick Stubble: Creates a balanced look.

Tip: Maintain a fuller beard to balance the proportions and add width to the upper part of your face.

4. Diamond Face: Complement the Cheekbones

Diamond-shaped faces feature wide cheekbones with a narrower forehead and jawline. The goal is to balance the width of the cheekbones with the narrower parts of the face.

Recommended Styles

  • Goatee: Adds fullness to the chin area.
  • Short Beard: Fuller on the chin, shorter on the cheeks.

Tip: Keep the beard fuller on the chin to enhance the overall harmony of your face. Tailored styles like goatees and short beards can benefit from an additional product to help keep the style in place. A product like the Suavecito Beard Balm is a great option because it is designed to keep stray hairs in place, while nourishing the skin underneath.

close up man's shaped beard style
Suavecito Beard Balm

Beard Balm

  • Conditions & nourishes beard
  • Adds a light hold to keep beard shaped and frizz tamed
  • Fits easily in your pocket and travel-friendly
  • Available in Original Suavecito and Whiskey Bar scents
5. Rectangular Face: Add Some Width

For rectangular or oblong faces, which are longer than they are wide, the key is to avoid elongating the face further.

Recommended Styles

  • Mutton Chops: Adds width to the face.
  • Sideburns: Emphasize the width rather than the length.

Tip: Trim regularly to maintain a fuller look on the sides and moderate the length of your beard.

6. Oval Face: The Versatile Canvas

Oval faces, with their balanced proportions and slightly narrower jawline compared to the forehead, can rock almost any beard style.

Recommended Styles

  • Lumberjack Beard: Classic and masculine.
  • Stubble: Sophisticated and easy to maintain.

Tip: Feel free to experiment with different styles to see what best matches your personality and fashion sense. If you are going for a beard with a lot of length, make sure to take extra steps to keep it moisturized. Regularly apply a moisturizing cream designed for facial hair, like the Suavecito Beard Butter. This product nourishes while providing hold, ensuring your beard stays in place.

Beard Butter

  • Moisturizes & nourishes beard and skin
  • Adds a healthy, natural shine
  • Light hold to tame your whiskers
  • Great to combine with other beard products
  • Available in Original Suavecito and Whiskey Bar scents
Suavecito Beard Butter


With the right beard style, you can enhance your natural features and rock a look that’s uniquely you. So grab your tools & products, experiment with these styles, and discover the beard that suits you best!