orignal hold pomade vs. firme clay

Finding the Right Matte Hair Product

Matte hair products are versatile styling products that offer several benefits for different hair types and styles. They provide a non-greasy, natural-looking finish that resembles hair without product. This is great if you want a subtle, understated appearance, or if you are just looking for something you can use everyday. Read on to see what different types of matte products can do for your hair.

Creating Texture & Definition

Matte hair products typically offer a lightweight hold that allows for flexibility and movement in the hair. Unlike heavier, sticky formulas, matte products provide hold without weighing the hair down or leaving it feeling stiff or crunchy. This makes them ideal for achieving styles that require volume, texture, and movement.

Build Volume with Sea Salt Spray

One of our newest matte hair products, Suavecito Sea Salt Spray, is a great choice if you are trying to create a voluminous, tousled hairstyle. The salt in the spray helps to roughen up the hair's cuticle, giving it a gritty, matte texture that enhances natural waves and adds body and thickness to the hair.

Another benefit to sea salt spray is that it is easy to use and requires minimal styling effort. Simply spray it onto damp or dry hair, tousle with your fingers, and let your hair air dry or use a blow dryer to build up volume. This spray adds dimension and depth to the hair without the high shine or slickness associated with traditional hairsprays.

Suavecito Sea Salt Spray

Sea Salt Spray

  • Charcoal powder helps to purify and refresh hair
  • Adds natural looking volume and texture
  • Light, flexible hold
  • Lightweight formula won’t weigh down hair
  • Original Suavecito scent
Bring Life Back to Flat, Lifeless Hair

If you find your hair is looking flat and greasy, Suavecito Texturizing Powder can help bring those strands back to life. The powder formula is great for oil absorption, but is also lightweight enough that it does not cake up on your scalp. Our texturizing powder acts a lot like a dry shampoo would, helping to extend the time between washes and prevent your hair from looking too oily.

Texturizing Powder is particularly beneficial for those with fine or thinning hair, as it adds instant volume and thickness to the hair without weighing it down. By lifting the hair at the roots and creating texture throughout the strands, texturizing powder helps create the illusion of fuller, more voluminous hair.

Texturizing Powder

  • Adds weightless volume
  • Makes hair appear thicker and fuller
  • Adds grip and texture
  • Natural, matte finish
  • Strong hold that stays pliable and workable throughout the day
  • Original Suavecito scent
Suavecito Texturizing Powder

Style with Flexible Hold and Versatility

If you are looking for a pomade, we offer two options that will hold your hair in place while still appearing matte. Compared to our well known Original Hold and Firme Hold Pomades, the Suavecito Matte Pomade and Suavecito Firme Clay Pomade give your hair little to no shine.

The Clay Pomade has minimal shine and a slightly stronger hold for stubborn hair that needs extra grip to keep in place. The Matte Pomade has a medium hold and absolutely no shine. It also washes out easily with water. Both pomades will keep your hairstyle in place - whether its a side part, textured quiff, or slicked back look.

We recommend rubbing a small amount of either pomade in between your palms and working over your hairstyle, focusing on areas that need extra hold or definition. The lightweight nature of our matte pomades allow for ultimate flexibility without stiffness. The result will be a natural, yet tailored looking style.

Suavecito Matte Pomade

Matte Pomade

  • Medium hold
  • Matte finish
  • Works on all hair types and textures
  • Paste-like formula glides easily into hair without tugging or pulling
  • Washes out easily
  • Adds texture
  • Original Suavecito scent

Firme Clay

  • Adds texture, definition, and hold without leaving hair feeling dry or stiff
  • Clay based formula
  • Strong hold, low shine
  • Great for fine, short, or stubborn hair
  • Signature Suavecito scent
clay pomade


From their natural-looking texture and versatility to their lightweight hold and long-lasting results, matte hair products are a must-have for anyone looking to elevate their hair game and embrace a modern, effortless aesthetic. Whether you're rocking a tousled bedhead look or a sleek, textured pompadour, matte hair products provide the perfect finishing touch for creating your desired hairstyle with confidence and flair.