cheap hair gel closeup

Why You Shouldn't Use Cheap Hair Gel


Let’s face it, we all want that effortless, perfect hair on-the-daily. Slicked back, quiffed up, pompadoured to the gods – whatever your style, achieving it shouldn't come at the cost of your mane's health. That's where cheap hair gel comes in, promising a hold at a too-good-to-be-true bargain. But before you dive into that bargain bin, remember that cheap gels often hide a nasty underbelly of ingredients that can damage your locks and leave them looking as frazzled as you’ll feel trying to find a good hair gel. In this blog, we’ll explore all the reasons to invest in a premium-quality hair gel and what it can do for your deserving locks.

A Deep Dive Into Hair Gel Hassles:

1. Ingredient Quality Matters:

Cheap hair gels often contain subpar ingredients that can have adverse effects on your hair. They may include harsh chemicals, synthetic polymers, alcohol, and other drying agents that strip your hair of its natural oils, leaving it brittle and prone to damage. Need I say more? Yes, but this bit of information should have you feeling leery already. Let’s keep going.

2. A Hold That Will Last:

One common issue with bargain hair gels is their inability to provide a long-lasting hold. They may lose their effectiveness quickly, leaving you with unruly hair by midday. Suavecito Firme Hold Styling Gel, known for its firm, all-day hold, ensures that your hairstyle stays intact throughout the day while offering the pliability to change it up as you see fit.


Model combing Suavecito Firme Hold Styling Gel through his hair
3. Flakes and Residue (Nah, I’m Good, Fam):

Cheap hair gels often leave behind flakes and residue that can be unsightly and a pain to manage. These pesky remnants can also contribute to an itchy scalp, dandruff and overall discomfort; and unless you’re like Pigpen from the Peanuts Gang, I’m sure that’s not the look you’re going for? Didn’t think so. Suavecito Firme Hold Styling Gel will give you a high shine and strong hold and works on all hair types and textures. We call that a ‘win-win-win’ situation.

Suavecito Firme Hold Styling Gel dispensing into hand


  • Alcohol-free formula won’t flake or dry out hair
  • Strong, all-day hold
  • High shine finish
  • Works on all hair types and textures
  • Available in 8 oz, 32 oz, and 64 oz options
5. Fragrance Factor:

The scent experience plays a significant role in your grooming routine. Buyers beware of inexpensive gels with overpowering or unpleasant scents. Opting for a gel with a subtle and appealing fragrance will enhance your styling experience without overwhelming your senses (and everyone else’s). Fragranced with our staple Original Suavecito scent, rest assured that our Styling Gel will be a nose-pleasing experience day in and day out.


Remember, your hair is your crowning glory. The saying, “You get what you pay for” holds true. Don't settle for cheap gels that promise the world but deliver hair hell. Suavecito believes your locks deserve the best. Our high-quality Firme Hold Styling Gel is made with straight-forward, no B.S. ingredients that hold your desired style without sacrificing the health and performance of your hair. Make the switch to Suavecito Firme Hold Styling Gel and experience the difference for yourself. Your hair (and your scalp) will thank you -  all while smelling damn good, too. Now go forth and conquer that hair day with confidence!