Suavecito Cologne being sprayed

How To Pair Fragrances: A Guide for the Well-Scented Gentleman


The art of grooming consists of a number of factors and fragrance plays a pivotal role in leaving a lasting, lingering impression. Just like your sense of style, your choice of scent can speak volumes about your personality. At Suavecito Pomade, we believe in helping gentlemen elevate their grooming game, and that includes mastering the subtle art of smelling as good as you look. In this blog, we'll delve into the art of fragrance pairing, offering tips and tricks to ensure you make a statement with every step of your grooming routine.

But First, Let’s Understand Fragrance Families:

Before we dive into the nuances of pairing, it's essential to familiarize yourself with fragrance families. Scents can be broadly categorized into four main families:

  1. Citrus: Fresh and zesty, often featuring notes of lemon, lime, and bergamot.
  2. Woodsy: Earthy and robust, incorporating cedarwood, sandalwood, and patchouli.
  3. Spicy: Warm and aromatic, with hints of pepper, cardamom, and clove.
  4. Aromatic: Herbal and green, with elements like lavender, rosemary, and sage.

Ivory Bergamot Beard Oil

Suavecito Ivory Bergamot Beard Oil is a great example of a citrus-forward scent. This scent is also available as an Aftershave.

Whiskey Bar Cologne

Whiskey Bar Cologne has notes of cedarwood and patchouli, making it the perfect example of a woodsy scent. Try our Beard Butter, Deodorant, Body Soap and more with this fragrance.

Suavecito Dark Clove Aftershave

Scented with clove and black pepper, the Suavecito Dark Clove Aftershave embodies the spicy scent family.

Suavecito Daily Shampoo

Our Suavecito Daily Shampoo is made with sage and chamomile, which give it an aromatic fragrance.

Pairing Principles

Now that we have a basic understanding of where your first scent starts, let's explore the principles of pairing that will help you create a harmonious, aromatic blend:

  1. Complement, Don't Clash: Choose fragrances with shared or complementary notes to create a seamless and pleasant combination. For instance, pair a citrusy cologne with a woody aftershave for a balanced effect.
  2. Consider Intensity: Balance the intensity of your fragrances. If your cologne is bold and long-lasting, opt for a lighter-scented grooming product to avoid an overwhelming clash. For the more nose-sensitive man, Suavecito also offers unscented products you can incorporate into your fragrance layering.
  3. Seasonal Sensibilities: Tailor your fragrance pairing to the seasons. Lighter, citrusy scents work well in the warmer months, while warmer, spicier notes are ideal for the cooler seasons.
  4. Time and Place: Consider the occasion and setting. Fresh and subtle scents are perfect for daytime activities, while deeper, more intense fragrances are suitable for evenings and special events.

Where To Start Layering Fragrances:

Some Hombres would assume layering fragrances is grabbing two bottles of cologne and going ham with it. Consider looking at layering your scents like a well-orchestrated symphony:

1. Intro - The Shower: Your first layer of fragrance starts right in that steamy shower. Choose a body wash or soap that not only lavishes you with a thorough scrub down, but also leaves you smelling fresh. Suavecito Body Wash comes in our fan-favorite Original Suavecito Scent and if you’re feeling a bit more adventurous, our Body Soap collection offers a variety of nose-pleasing scents like Whiskey Bar, Black Amber and Rum Tiki. 

Body Wash

Body Wash

  • Formulated with exfoliating eco-beads
  • Gently cleanses without drying skin
  • Original Suavecito Scent
  • Available in 8 oz and 16 oz sizes

Body Soap

  • Made with pumice and bran to gently exfoliate
  • Oatmeal helps lock in moisture
  • Won’t dry out skin
  • Long lasting
  • Available in Original Suavecito, Whiskey Bar, Black Amber, and Rum Tiki scents
Body Soap

2. Solo - Post Shower: Now that you’ve laid down the foundation, it’s time to pair it with a complementing lotion. Suavecito Face & Body Lotion seamlessly aligns with our Body Wash, sharing a common thread infused with a lighter rendition of our Original Suavecito Scent - locking in a subtle scent all around.

Face and Body Lotion

Face & Body Lotion

  • Lightweight formula
  • Moisturizes dry skin and absorbs quickly
  • No slippery or greasy residue
  • Lightly scented with our Original Suavecito scent

3. Outro - The Finishing Touches: Complete your layering with a single spritz or two of cologne. If adding multiple layers of cologne, spray the strongest first, let that settle, then proceed with the lighter scent. Suavecito Cologne is available in a variety of sniff-worthy fragrances sure to pair well with your arsenal of grooming products.


  • Long lasting scent
  • Variety of aromatic, woodsy and citrus forward scents
  • Available in three signature scents
Suavecito Cologne line: Whiskey Bar, Original, and Black Amber


Mastering the art of fragrance pairing is about finding a balance that resonates with your individual style. At Suavecito Pomade, we believe in empowering men to express themselves through grooming, and selecting the right fragrance is an integral part of that process. Experiment with different combinations, trust your instincts, and let your signature scent make a statement wherever you go. After all, a well-paired fragrance is the finishing touch to your Suave Symphony. Now go forth, smell amazing, and let your fragrance speak volumes about the effortlessly stylish gentleman that you are.