Take good care of your facial hair and your facial hair will take care of you. 

When you take care of your beard and mustache it shows the world you exude confidence, health and purpose in life. These are qualities every man should strive for. 

Before we can talk about styling your beard with different products, we first need to ensure that your facial hair’s health is being taken care of correctly. Without healthy hair and skin you may as well shave that beard off and do something else. Health is everything and no amount of styling product or effort can cover up a dry, unnourished beard or mustache.

Washing Your Beard

This should be common sense but we’re going to go over it anyway because it really is step one. Wash your beard. Use something other than just water. At the very least you should be using soap or shampoo, but those aren’t the best products out there. Regular shampoos are not made to treat and handle that beard on your face. Sure, they work great at cleaning the hair on the top of your head, but there are differences between the hair growing on the top of your head versus your facial hair.

Beard Wash and Beard Conditioner

Everyone forgets that your face is under that beard. And that face is a whole lot of delicate skin that needs special attention. Your facial skin needs a wash or soap that will not overly dry it out or do any harm. Dry skin is the enemy of your beard because it causes flakes and itch. An itchy beard that you are constantly scratching is a messy, annoying beard. To top it all off, an itchy and dry beard will soon begin to fill with flakes and dandruff from the scratching. Beardruff. Nobody wants that.

Use something like our Suavecito Beard Wash to prevent all that nonsense. Not only does this beard soap get rid of all the crud you don’t want in there, like dirt, grime and sweat, but it will not dry out your hair or skin. That’s a big deal. Most soaps out there strip moisture away from the skin, only focusing on getting everything clean. A good soap will clean away everything completely but gently, without getting rid of that moisture and natural oil your hair and skin requires.

Conditioning Your Beard

Can’t have one without the other. After you’re done washing your beard you must follow it up with a quick conditioning treatment. A lot of people miss this step, but it’s key. This is the other half of the master plan to a healthy and voluminous beard.

A good conditioner made especially for your beard will eliminate itch, soften hair, and solve a whole host of other problems. Even if you are using a great Beard Wash that does a gentle job, like the one recommended above, you are still going to want something to add extra moisture to your skin and hair. This is one of those times where you can overdo it just a tad bit. 110% in this case is in your best interest.

A nice, soft beard is easier to manage and style. It feels better. It looks better. Your life is better. At some point someone will be touching your beard and really, you don’t want a dry scratchy thing in the way of your time to shine do you?

Your beard deserves its own special conditioner that is made specifically for facial hair and skin. Not all conditioners are created equal and what works for the top of your head doesn’t automatically mean it will work for your face and beard. You want something that will go to work on your facial hair, helping to improve that healthy shine you want and eliminate the itch you hate.

Washing and conditioning. Think of these two steps as an investment. When you put the work in here, it pays off in the future. A healthy beard is a joy to work with and style. When it comes down to those days you don’t have the time or forget to style, your base line beard is already leagues ahead of the unkempt over-applied-beard-waxed thing the next guy is rocking. It pays to do the work now. Just do it and get yourself some good wash, a good conditioner and use them.


  • Beard Shampoo cleans and protects hair and skin
  • Beard Conditioner softens hair and moisturizes skin
  • Returns life to a dull and stubborn beard
  • Makes beard easier to style and shape
Beard Wash and Beard Conditioner

Styling Your Beard

So now you have your baseline beard dialed in. It’s lush, healthy and looks great. It doesn’t matter what length it is, we can still use something to get the look perfect. There are a whole host of products out there doing different things. We want to break down some of them and give you a nice overview to figure out exactly which products you need.

Beard Oil

Premium Blends Beard Oil

Beard oil is basic, easy and fast. It should be a staple in every bearded man’s washroom. A good beard oil will do a couple things that are super important to your well being and health. It will provide protection throughout the day. Think of beard oil as a suit of armor for your facial hair. Protection against the heat of the day and resulting dryness goes a long way when used everyday. Again, this beard of yours is an investment and you want to keep adding to the bank. It will pay off.

You will also want to use Beard Oil as it keeps everything soft and moisturized throughout the day, making your hair easier to manage and style when needed. Facial hair touch ups throughout the day are a real thing and you do not want to have to work with dry, stubborn hair.

Facial cologne for the man who needs a little something extra can also be said about these oils. Coming in an almost dizzying array of different scents and fragrances, our Beard Oils have something for everyone. Depending on your mood you can change the scent as often as you need. Of course, even if you are not into the general heaviness of a cologne, a subtle scent can go a long way when you are out and about in the world (and maybe disguise the scent of that hot sauce you got in your beard at lunch).

Beard oil is easy to use and should be used every day. Always use it before you brush your beard or mustache. If you are using a styling product, such as a butter or balm, daily use of beard oil only makes that process better. Think of it as a base coat for your hair. When you add in something on top, it will work a hundred times better. Using Beard Oil before applying another product will greatly enhance your hair's receptiveness and ease of styling.

Beard Oil should be used as part of your everyday routine. If you only use one product for “styling,” it should be beard oil at a minimum. You would be a fool not to.

premium blends beard oils line


  • Made with Argan Oil, which allows for a thinner formula that easily distributes and nourishes facial hair
  • Smooths frizz, moisturizes beard, and adds a healthy sheen
  • Softens hair and skin for easier styling and control
  • Convenient pump dispenser
  • 9 different scents to choose from

Beard Balm

Beard Balm is the balanced middle ground between an oil and a wax. Beard balm provides moisture, protection and styling power for your beard for easy day to day use. It is easy to apply, giving you time to get the rest of your routine in the morning finished. You should treat it as if it were as commonplace as brushing your teeth. It is just a thing you do.

Beard Balm

A good Beard Balm will keep your flyaways at bay and smoothed out. It will increase the shine of your hair giving it that hydrated and healthy look. Your skin underneath will be nourished and moisturized getting rid of itch and flakes. Think of a beard balm as a beard oil but with an added level of hold and styling power. A balm will give you a great balance if your beard doesn’t require the power of a wax and is just untame enough to need something stronger than an oil.

Use it after your shower and before you head out the door. While your beard is still slightly damp but not wet, apply a good amount ensuring you get the product deep into the hair. You not only want it to evenly coat the hair but also hit the skin. Use a brush or comb to make sure the balm is evenly distributed throughout your beard.

A good beard balm will work with you for the full day and provide you with moisture and some styling power that will be reworkable. These products will be pleasant to wear when you want to be able to run your fingers throughout your hair. Most of them are also compact and portable or come in a travel size that you can carry with you for touch ups throughout the day.

Beard Butter

Beard Butter

Beard Butter is a grooming product designed specifically for facial hair. It is a leave-in conditioner that contains natural oils, vitamins, and butters that nourish and moisturize the beard and the skin beneath it. Beard butter is thicker and creamier than beard oil, providing a more substantial hold and longer-lasting moisture. It is primarily used as a styling aid, smoothing and shaping the beard while keeping it soft and healthy.

Massage it into your beard, making sure to work it through the hairs and onto the skin. Use a comb or brush to distribute the butter evenly and style your beard as desired. Beard butter can be used daily or as needed, depending on the length and texture of your beard and the dryness of your skin. It can also be used in combination with beard oil to help seal in the moisturizing and nourishing ingredients.

Beard butter is especially beneficial for men with longer or thicker beards that need extra moisture and control. It helps to reduce frizz, tame flyaways, and prevent split ends. The natural ingredients in beard butter, such as shea butter, coconut oil, and castor oil, also provide nourishment and protection for the skin underneath the beard. This can help to prevent itching, flaking, and irritation, which are common problems for men with facial hair.

In addition to its practical benefits, beard butter can also add a pleasant scent to your beard that can enhance your grooming routine and leave you feeling fresh and confident. Suavecito Beard Butter is available in our signature Suavecito scent as well as our masculine Whiskey Bar fragrance. Overall, beard butter is a versatile and effective product that can help you achieve a healthy, well-groomed beard that looks and feels great.

beard butter


  • Moisturizes and nourishes beard
  • Adds a healthy, natural shine
  • Provides a light hold to tame your whiskers
  • Great to combine with other beard products
  • Available in Original Suavecito and Whiskey Bar scents

Mustache Wax

You may be thinking at this point that everything above applies to the mustache and all methods are going to be the same to ensure your mustache is well taken care of. And you would be right. The way in which you want to keep your mustache healthy is the same as the rest of your facial hair.

Mustache Wax

However, a mustache wax is going to work wonders for styling and taming that stache. They have an incredible holding power and tend to be on the heavier weight side of things. Mustache waxes are strong, and for good reason, the mustache needs holding power like nothing else. To get those twists in your whiskers or that handlebar perfected you are going to need something more powerful than a beard wax or even a hair pomade.

Some find the consistency of the product a little hard to manage. It’s thick and getting to spread evenly throughout your hair can be a pain. Heat is your friend. Either use a blowdryer to warm the wax in the container or use your fingers to rub the wax and break it down to manageable consistency. Once it is emulsified it will be easier to apply and work through the hair.

Mustache wax will provide you with the ability to style your facial hair however you want while also providing that protection you know you need by now. Lock in moisture, natural oils and everything your hair needs with a protective layer that will not give up just because it’s sunny out.

Conclusion: TLDR: Too Long Didn’t Read

If you have a beard, take care of it. Use the right products. Wash and clean your beard and always make sure it is properly moisturized. Dry hair and dry skin is the enemy. Use a beard conditioner if you don’t style everyday. Use beard oil, balm, or butter everyday if you need a little style. Brush your hair daily, twice daily, thrice daily. Never brush without a small application of beard oil. Otherwise ouch!

Short beards / thin beards - Use something light like a beard balm or oil to maintain the hair’s health and look. These products give your hair protection and keep everything moisturized.

Long beards / thick beards - Always use a beard oil as a base each and everyday to maintain moisture and feel. Beard balm will be the heavy hitter you need if you want to style your hair. Brush often.

Mustaches - Everything we talked about above applies. Keep it clean. Keep it moisturized. Use a specially made mustache wax for the days you want to look extremely dapper. Use a balm or oil daily to keep everything tidy.