comb running through tangled hair

Taming Tiny Tangles: A Guide to Detangling Spray for Kids

For parents, mornings can be a whirlwind of activity, and wrangling little ones' hair can be a particular struggle. Tangles can lead to tears, frustration, and delays – but fear not!  A detangling spray can be your secret weapon in the fight against knots (and meltdowns).

What is Detangling Spray?

Detangling Spray is a leave-in conditioner that acts as a magic potion for knotted hair and can be applied to wet or dry hair. It coats the hair strands, making them smoother and reducing friction. This allows you to easily comb or brush through even the most stubborn tangles with minimal pulling and discomfort for your child.

How to Use Detangling Spray:

  1. Wash and condition hair: For best results, use detangler on clean, conditioned hair.
  2. Shake well: Gently shake the bottle before use.
  3. Spray evenly: Spray the detangler liberally onto damp or dry hair, focusing on areas prone to tangles.
  4. Comb or brush gently: Start at the ends of the hair and gently work your way up to the roots using a wide-tooth comb or detangling brush.
  5. Style as desired: Once detangled, style your child's hair as usual.
Suavecito Kid's Detangling Spray combed through child's hair

Why Choose Suavecito Kid’s Detangling Spray?

Suavecito has formulated a gentle and effective Detangling Spray specifically for children's hair. Here's what makes it special:

  • Non-irritating formula: Our mild formula is gentle on eyes and skin, making detangling a tear-free experience.
  • Fun, fragrant scent: Kids will love the pleasant combination of Wild Chamomile and French Lavender, making hair care time more enjoyable.
  • Clean ingredients: Enriched with nourishing ingredients like Aloe and Coconut Oil and free of sulfates, parabens and phthalates, Suavecito Kid’s Detangling Spray will give you peace of mind about what goes into your child’s hair.
  • Easy to use: The convenient spray bottle makes detangling quick and hassle-free while the trigger safety lock ensures no unwanted spritz and sprays from your little one’s curious hands.
Suavecito Kid's Detangling Spray

Kid's Detangling Spray

  • Non-irritating formula
  • Made with natural Aloe Leaf Juice, Coconut Oil, Olive Oil, and more
  • Developed just for kids
  • Free of parabens, sulfates, and phthalates
  • Vegan & cruelty free
  • Calming Chamomile scent


With Suavecito Kid’s Detangling Spray and a few simple tips, you can help your kiddos keep their hair happy and healthy for years to come!