A visit to Santa Monica

Suavecito Pomade at the Santa Monica Pier

Our week started off with us loading into the Suavecito Pomade van to head to Santa Monica for a meeting. Our plan was simple. Stop for lunch at Unami Burger, get a haircut from a local barbershop that carries our pomades, and then end the day at our meeting.

Umami Burger's Mangly burger

Unami's Manly Burger was covered in bacon, crispy fried onions and cheddar cheese. Once lunch was consumed we took a short 8 minute walk to Pacific Barber Shop for our haircuts. The shop is set inside a really cool arch ceiling room, reminiscent of a World War 2 bomb shelter.

Shop front of Pacific Barbershop in Santa Monica

We were greeted by barbers Hugo and Ed. We were seated immediately, caped, and ready for a haircut. It was then when I really got to see all the sports memorabilia, vintage car toys, and classic car prints that covered the walls. Ed proceded to clean up my neck and beard exactly as I like it. As we sat in the chairs getting our hair cut, we conversed with Ed and Hugo about the shop and how it was opened by Art and Adrien a few years ago, their passion about sports, and how it reflects upon on the shop.

Vintage toy cars and bicycle on display at Pacific Barbers
Photo of Hugo from Pacific Barber shop cutting hair
Haircuts And Shaves at Pacific Barbershop

 My cut was complimented with a hot lather and neck shave, which left me feeling fresh and energized. If you are wondering where to buy Suavecito Pomade in Santa Monica, definitely check out Pacific Barbershop.

After Pacific Barbers, we took a stroll to the Santa Monica Pier and checked out the sights before heading to our meeting.

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