2016 Mooneyes X-mas Party, Irwindale, California

Every year we look forward to attending the annual Mooneyes X-Mas Party in Irwindale, Ca. It’s always one of our favorite shows to attend and this year it was over the top wild and fun. This year it was packed and we mean packed! The line in the morning was the longest we have ever seen. Show staff were parking cars on the actual track which we have never seen done before. It was wild!



Mooneyes holds a drag racing contest every year at the Speedway and it’s a blast to watch and cheer with the crowd. There was an unfortunate crash early in the day that closed down the track for about an hour but then it resumed as normal for the rest of the day. The random nature of selecting the vehicles racing makes for some very interesting races and it’s all just good fun.



The pinup contest always draws a crowd as well and this year was no different. There were 12 contestants this time around and number 8 (Miss Mariam) won. She deserved it and the crowd was super excited and loud!



We are excited to attend next year and are looking forward to even bigger numbers of participants. It’s always a great way to kick off the holiday season. We hope we saw you out there this year and if not hope to see you there next year! Have a great holiday season everyone!



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