Santa Maria Cruisin Nationals 2015

Beautful rear fin from a classic car

The Santa Maria Cruisin Nationals 2015, a must go to show in California located right smack in the center of the state. It’s only a few hours from Santa Ana. So in true Suavecito fashion, we loaded up the whip with goods and took the scenic coastal drive. The route we took was the famous Pacific Coast Highway and boy was it a beautiful one. Beaches to the left of us, mountains to the right, there we were stuck in the middle of the coast. Nothing but the sand and waves, our timing could not have been more perfect as we caught the sunset on our way there.

California's Pacific Coast Highway

We had plans to take our 1962 International Harvester Metro van with us. Rick from Sunset Classics worked tirelessly on some needed repairs the night before to get it road ready, but the van ended up surprising us with a new problem while on the road. We then realized it was not going to make the trip. Sorry to all the fans out there that wanted to take a picture with the metro. It will be ready for our next show. We ended up getting to Santa Maria late at night so by the time we checked into our five star hotel and got situated the Friday night city cruise was over, upsetting as it was, we were just happy to have made it there in one piece.

Suavecito Squad hanging out in the hotel room

We took this time to hangout and relax in our motel room, have some drinks, eat a late dinner and ready up for Saturday.

Suavecito Patch Hat next to some beverage can

Saturday morning came, we got ready and jumped in the van. We pulled up to the Santa Maria Fairpark just in time to set everything up. The Suavecito Pomade booth was located next to a few familiar faces, one of the being our friends Bo and Debbie from Bomonster. The day started quickly as the empty fair grounds exploded with life as cars and their owners filled it like a real life Tetris game, and our booth was no exception. Thank you to all the cool cats and gals that came to visit us and support our business, we are always humbled when you folks take your time to come talk and hangout with us. Being as busy as we were, we didn't have much time to see the cars other than the gems that were in front of us and driving by.

1959 Ford Ranchero Posted in front of the Suavecito Pomade BoothD' Agostino 1968 Buick RivieraCool pair of blue and yellow trucksOne Mean Clean Looking Chevy NomadCars Lined Up Waiting To Claim Their Awards

Sunday came and the pace changed up a bit, a lot more mellow. This was when we caught all of the cars cruising by our booth as they lined up to accept their awards. Once the awards were done we started to break down our booth and start packing for the voyage home. The 2015 Santa Maria Cruisin Nationals was over, it was a great way to spend Memorial Day weekend. We would like to thank and pay respects to all of the soldiers who have fallen fighting for this country. Thank you from all of us here at Suavecito.

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  • I hope you guys enjoyed my hometown. The West Coast Kustoms Cruisin Nationals is THE car show to make in Santa Maria. I wish I could of been there to see all of the fun. Hope you guys had a blast! <3 Le Anna

    Le Anna Baisch

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