Goodbye Summer, Hello Fall!

Suavecito Summer

Although it still feels like summer, we have finally entered fall! This heat has made it much harder to appreciate all the things we love about this cozy weather. One of our favorite parts about the  changing seasons is the fashion! It’s time to pack up the tank tops and shorts because long sleeves and hoodies are coming out!

As seen in many fashion shows for Spring/Summer 2016 the 50’s, 60’s and 70’s with a twist of pop art, bright colors and sleek textures are used to create crisp collections. Blending vintage and modern fashion is what is normally seen today. As many of you have vintage living in your closets, pairing a t-shirt with a rigid old denim jacket and some capris is an everyday look. Upcoming for the Suavecita Pomade Fall Collection, is a mix of some fun scripts and beauty related artwork with pops of color! This was meant to be effortless and easy to throw on for the autumn. By doing this it will allow us to see different eras put together as one. As the 1940’s and 1950’s are our roots, now is the perfect time to start pulling out pencil skirts and high waisted pants to pair with your newest Suavecita tops!

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