Suavecito Meets Gustavo Arellano

Last weekend, Suavecito Pomade tagged up with the legendary, and often considered elusive, Gustavo Arellano of OC Weekly's weekly column "Ask a Mexican".

Suavecito Pomade Hanging Out In Down Town Santa Ana At The Day Of The Noche De Altaras Festival

His articles are incredibly funny and incredibly true counts of Mexican culture with a focus on Southern California. We feel as though we grew up reading Arellano's column probably because of the familiarity of the stories. He has always been bold enough to write publicly about things that we always laugh about with our friends over some beers. Being so politically incorrect on paper is what has always made us root for him.

Gustavo Arellano of OC Weekly's weekly column 'Ask a Mexican'

Image: Mark Dancey

We often run into his Volkswagen Kombi in downtown Santa Ana so we feel his presence but we never have the fortune of running into him. Until this weekend. 

While working our booth and working the crowds we saw him approach and to our surprise we found out that he is a fan of Suavecito! Having the support of someone that we idolized gives us the greatest rush. We do not feel worthy.

We can finally take down the picture we have of the unicorn we came across last winter and replace it with this one of the great Gustavo Arellano.

Check his work out online for a shit-ton of laughs.


PS.: Our dude made it onto their page: