Sunny Have A Good Hair Day

Supporter Of Suavecito Pomade And Mater Barber Sunny

Partnering up with Sunny the barber and fashion icon has become a dream come true for us both. Suavecito Pomade has the honor of having Sunny be our representative in Thailand as an industry leader and innovator. This collaboration has been great so far but we are just getting warmed up so all you Thai Suavecito fans keep your ear to the ground out there!! We have only just begun...


Our collaboration has given birth to one of the most creative forms of packaging that exists out there. With Suavecito Pomade's color scheme swapped out in favor of a throwback to the Thai flag, the top label of the pomades also feature a morphing image. That's right yo!

Suavecito Pomade X Sunny Collab Can - Front View


Suavecito Pomade X Sunny Collab Can - Top View

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The imagery on the can jumps from a super Thai inspired image with Sunny's signature "Smiley Face" image to a super American inspired design featuring the Suavecito signature. This is insane!! Included in this is his moniker "HAVE A GOOD DAY, HAVE A GOOD HAIR DAY"  Simple saying. Say's a lot about the man.


Sunny cuts his wide range of clientele from shop in Bangkok called "the Lounge".


Good luck trying to get a cut with the man, he has an appointment list longer than the goddammed Nile River.