Driving Miz Daizy
Vintage Market

Driving Miz Daizy Vintage Market

We will be at Driving Miz Daisy Vintage Market, on Sunday, February 12th. Event features include 200 Vendors, Vintage Trailers, Live Music and Fabulous Food.

Driving Miz Daisy Vintage Market was born out of the love we have for everything old, unusual, and of course, kitschy! We wanted to bring this mindset to South Orange County & offer a much desired outdoor shopping experience We didn’t want this to be your typical flea market!

So, each month we gather an eclectic blend of vendors offering unusual items ranging from antique to architectural, that are artfully displayed to showcase what’s trending now. Our goal is to appeal to all different age groups, but we also want to focus on and embrace the upcoming generation who are in favor of the salvaged, the restored, buying local, and being “GREEN”. We feel it is important to show how buying vintage goods is much more affordable and captivating. We want our shopper’s living environments to tell a story… blending the old with the new and creating fresh and innovative design concepts! Style that is original, not mass produced.

For more info please visit drivingmizdaisy.com