Suavecito X Irving Barber Co. - Shaving Is A Process

Looking for a quality razor that you can depend on? Well look no further the Suavecito X Irving Barber Co is here!

Irving Barber Company is the first to bring you a razor with voids for bent edges after breaking double edge blades. No need for rivets with the stainless steel pivoting hardware and molded scale stabilizer. This I.B.C. razor has a magnetic blade stabilizer for helping blades stay in place while seating. The weight of the razor has been meticulously shifted for an even, balanced feel, that glides comfortably. Contoured lines allow for a stable and pleasing grip at all angles. With this razor you can use a double edge blade for lineups and touch-ups. Made by barbers for barbers. We are extremely happy to announce this partnership and couldn’t be more excited to team up with such an outstanding company. Irving Barber Company hand crafts a beautiful replaceable-blade straight razor that encompasses everything that is right in the barber world. Elegant and full of purpose, this razor will give you a great shave for years to come. Quality replaceable-blade straight razor with leather carrying case Uses your favorite razor blade brand No stropping or sharpening ever required Stylish, affordable and elegant - what more can we say? Why use a straight razor? The amount of reasons is long but in short the benefits of using a straight razor include: It saves you money in the long run over those costly 5-blade razors refills. They provide the closest shave out there meaning; razor burn is a thing of the past. Getting rid of facial hair in one pass means no skin irritating second or third pass with a skin tugging razor. Less days having to shave for most. With the shave being as close as it is, you may only need to shave every other day instead of once a day. Accurate shaving that a 4 or 5 blade department store razor simply can’t compete with. Turns your shaving ritual to something to be enjoyed as opposed to a chore.