Our commitment to the safety and health of our team, partners and customers is our top priority so we have adopted processes and policies that are in accordance with CDC and other local Health Agency recommendations on cleanliness and social-distancing. These measures are being implemented in our offices, warehouses, Firme Club Gym, and physical Suavecito Store for everyone’s safety.

This outbreak has affected not just the way we live, it is also affecting the way our business operates. Our factory normally produces high-quality hair, shave, cosmetic and personal hygiene products but have since shifted our production capabilities to help in the global fight to start producing hand sanitizing products. Just as General Motors and Ford changed what they were manufacturing to aid in the war effort, Suavecito is committing to also help combat this epidemic.

As a small, family-owned business, we are eternally grateful to our supporters and are indebted to those continuing to support us, especially in these trying and uncertain times. We are committed to working closely with community-based barbershops and salons to provide any support we can to ease whatever struggles they have and we will get through this together.

Be well and be safe,
Suavecito Family


Screen Shot of the Los Angeles Times with a headline reading "This Orange County company has gone from making hair look cool to fighting coronavirus", with a image below of a man filling bottles of hand sanitizer, with a caption beneath it reading "Eugene Cayetano caps bottles of hand sanitizers at the Santa Ana factory of Suavecito, which usually manufactures pomade and Chicano hipster fashion.(Irfan Khan / Los Angeles Times)"