Pearl Folding Comb angled folded
Pearl Folding Comb full
Pearl Folding Comb angled full
Pearl Folding Comb open outside
Pearl Folding Comb angled folded
Pearl Folding Comb angled folded
Pearl Folding Comb angled folded

Penny Folding Comb


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The Premium Blends Penny Folding Comb - Unboxed is a product of years of scouring the globe for some of the best materials and workmanship we could find. This comb, like our efforts to produce it, will travel across the globe with you, along with its sleek profile and portability. 

This folding comb is the perfect pocket comb for your on-the-go life. Let’s face it you are the master of your realm and these tools we have, help to ensure your daily activities’ success rate. But you must understand that it is not these tools you use that define your success but the unrelenting power house that you are that does. These tools that come to us and that in which we use are the cherries on top. We do not need these things. You can do without but you’d be better off with them. Trust us.

These combs were designed in Japan to strict quality requirements and are handmade from 100% Zyl Cellulose Acetate which is a plant based material which makes them very durable

  • Handmade
  • Comes to you in a beautiful display box*
  • A travel comb you won’t notice in your pocket
  • 6 7/8" Unfolded
  • 3 7/8" Folded
  • Designed in Japan
  • Built to last with a truly long lifespan
  • Style your hair easily and painlessly
  • Battle tested and ready for the bigtime by your friends at Suavecito Pomade
  • Available in 6 colors.

*Display boxes availability are subject to change.

Pearl Folding Comb

Penny Folding Comb
$5.00 USD $16.00 USD

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