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Suavecita Womens Body Care
Suavecita Body Care
After many requests to make body care with our original scent, it’s here! Introducing the two newest members to our collection are the Suavecita Shower Gel & Body Spray. They both have the original Suavecita Pomade scent that you love which resembles wild berries. What’s great about these products is that they’re gluten, paraben, cruelty-free and vegan. You’ll be wanting to use these bad boys together for an extra fresh experience!
The Suavecita Shower Gel is infused with natural ingredients such as Aloe Vera, Apple Extracts and Luffa Cylindrica to replenish and moisturize your skin. The Gel is a pink color containing exfoliating Eco-beads to lightly scrub dead skin cells to expose a fresh layer underneath. What’s great about these Eco-beads is that they’re made from Jojoba oils that aren’t harmful to the environment as plastic microbeads are. Jojoba oil is made into a liquid wax that is processed into a solid wax making them Esters. These beads are gentle and smooth making them suitable for sensitive skin. Jojoba offers a list of moisturizing and conditioning agents that’ll leave your skin as smooth as a baby’s bottom!
The Suavecita body spray is a lightweight berry scent perfect for spring! The scent is potent but can be sprayed generously if needed. There’s just something so amazing about smelling fresh and clean. The Body Spray is infused with Aloe Vera to condition and nourish your skin. Both products may be found under the Body Care tab.

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