Victory Roll Tutorial

As you all may know, the signature hairstyle given to Suavecita are victory rolls! Such a clean, crisp, vintage hairstyle. There are quite a few tips and tricks to achieve this look and here is  a step by step to replicate the Suavecita hairstyle.

First, make sure to be using day old hair when doing this look. Fresh clean hair tends to not hold your style as much as second day hair. You can also add dry shampoo to your roots to help give it more of a grip. Start by curling all of the hair (check other tutorial to see how vintage curls are done.) After curling, begin a section starting at the top of the ear to the end of your parting and do the same to the other side. This will be dividing your hair not only from side to side but will be separating the top to bottom. Using a rat tail comb, or back combing brush, tease everything with inch sections to both sides. Remember, everything will be rolling upward, make sure to be backcombing the top of your section. Keeping a sturdy foundation to your rolls will make the style hold up much better. With a regular comb, using the finer teeth side start smoothing the hair going in an upward direction. Once you feel it is totally smooth and where you would like it to be, apply a dab of Suavecita Pomade, pinch the ends where the curl is, and start rolling inwards. It’s a similar technique used for setting your hair. Roll it all the way inward, and secure with bobby pins. Use as many bobby pins as needed, just try to weave them in so they are hidden. Do the same to the other side. They should be facing each other towards your parting. Most hairdressers suggest the victory rolls should be touching, and shouldn’t have a space in between. Once the rolls have been tightly secured, it’s time to perfect! Use your fingers manipulate any hairs that are out of place. Use some Suavecita Pomade to polish the curls and smooth any frizz then spritz with hairspray to lock the hair in place.

Finish the look by adding a fun accessory such as a flower or pretty chiffon scarf right above the ear where the rolls begin. As for the hair that is left at the bottom, it can be re-curled if needed; if not, do a simple brush out and add some Suavecita Argan Silkening Serum for extra shine and moisture to the ends. Victory Rolls are a classic 1940’s hairstyle that looks a bit more intimidating than it really is. The objective is to have fun when you’re practicing hairstyles, because hairstyling is mastered with lots of practice! Tag us on all your beautiful victory rolls ladies!

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