Tara Alexander's Hair Styling

As many of you are aware, Tara Alexander, an Orange County local, has become a great friend to Suavecita Pomade. She is an incredibly talented hairdresser who specializes in vintage hairstyling. We had the honor of filming her for two of our YouTube video tutorials in which she styled the iconic Suavecita Victory Rolls and Vintage Waves using our pomade.

She recently held a vintage hairstyling class in Burbank, Ca. The class was a step by step on three hairstyles. The first look was a 40’s inspired poodle updo, the second hairstyle was 50’s vintage waves and the final look was 60’s voluminous waves! She not only explained how to achieve these looks, but gave everyone a ton of product knowledge on all the Suavecita Pomade products. She showed the versatility and uses of each product and how they are all needed for these looks. The Suavecita Grooming Spray was the first product used to prep all of the hair. As it plays as a setting lotion, it will help hold the curl. The second product she applied was the Suavecita Argan Silkening Serum to smooth and tame some frizz. As she got to the end of the tutorial and began the finishing touches, she mixed the serum into the pomade to define and shape. She said she loved how the serum gave extra shine to the pomade and made molding much easier.

Tara is truly a vintage-styling inspiration to us all. Hairstyling is such a beautiful art that takes a ton of practice but is totally worth knowing! Along with being extremely knowledgeable, Tara is easy to understand and a total sweetheart. Check out more of her work on her Instagram @redpinupdoll!

Suavecita Tara Alexander's Hair StylingSuavecita Tara Alexander's Hair Styling

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  • Hi, I live in the San Fernando Valley and would like to learn how to style my hair. My email address is my only form of social media. I don’t have any other type of account. Is there a possibility to make an appointment with you. Thank you.


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