Beach Waves

A hairstyle that has become extremely popular now are beach waves. These waves really need to look like the beach just kissed your hair. Salt water gives the hair a beautiful curl which is exactly what you’ll
be wanting to replicate. This look is extremely easy and can last you a few days with it still looking great!

A few tools needed for this look are:
1. A 1 ½“curling wand
2. Sea Salt Spray
3. Firm Hairspray
4. Comb/clip

First thing you’ll want is to have fresh clean hair that is dry for this look. Section your hair in half and
secure the top with a clip. Make sure to set you curling wand at a lower temperature since this will be a looser look. Take 2” sections and curl the middle of your hair. It’s important that the ends stay a bit straight; leave the last two inches out on the ends. Everyone’s length is different so you’ll have to calculate the amount of inches down. If you have shoulder length, only curl the last two inches of your hair (leaving out the ends.) For someone will length past the elbows, start the curl at the last five inches, with two inches out on the ends. The objective is to have the mid-band be the curliest. Once you’re done with the bottom half, begin on the top. With the top you’ll be wanting it just a tad tighter, add an inch of curl. Since the top tends to have more layers it’s important to start a little higher. This hairstyle looks best with a center parting, but a side part is okay as well. With your comb, break up any areas that look too curly. Spritz some Sea Salt Spray from a distance and scrunch the hair. It won’t be leaving it too hard or crunchy, just depositing what will be giving that extra curl. Lastly, spray some hairspray all over to ensure the look will hold for over two days. The more it falls out the better it’ll look!

Suavecita Beach WavesSuavecita Beach Waves

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