How to make your car Suave

Want to make your car look suave? Well, that’s easy thanks to Suavecito/Suavecita car accessories! Make sure your license plate doesn’t say something boring such as where you bought the car or some auto shop advertisement. What better way than to show everyone behind you that you support Suavecito Pomade than with a Suavecito License Plate Frame! We also have tons of different styles and sizes of stickers you can slap on your ride.

How do you keep your keys looking firme? Start off by adding a handy lanyard! The Suavecito ones are in two styles: black with gold script and red with gold script. As for the Suavecita one, it’s black with pink. In case the lanyard isn’t enough, check out the different styles of keychains we have. You can choose from our classic Suavecito and Suavecita Script keychains to our Suavecito Saddle Keychains available in red, yellow, green, black, glow-in-the-dark and blue!

One thing our company is constantly being complimented on are the products’ fragrances! For the Suavecito OG pomade we have a masculine, clean scent for the hombres and a crisp, fruity scent for the OG Suavecita Pomade. Why not have the inside of your ride smell as good as your hair?! The air freshener is here in both original pomade scents, designed with both logos on them.

These are just some of the fun ways you can add character to your car without breaking your wallet. Go to the Products tab followed by the Collectibles tab to check out how to make your car look and smell Suave!

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