Hair brush 101

Hair Brush 101

Hair Brush 101

Hair brush shopping can be a bit overwhelming when presented with so many options. Most brushes have a purpose and it’s best to know their functions to help save you money and time. Having the correct brush for the hairstyle you’re trying to achieve is extremely important. As you see your hairstylist owning over 20 brushes, just know it’s truly crucial for different looks. As we work our way through the list, each brush will explain what it’s used for and what styles to achieve with it.
Suavecito Comb


This one will definitely be the most self-explanatory. Combs are used to detangle and part. When using a comb with precise fine teeth, it’s used to comb or part a section. You wouldn’t want to use a fine tooth comb to brush your hair wet because of the tugging. A wide toothed comb is good for detangling while preventing breakage due to the spacing between the teeth. When detangling it’s always best to use a leave in conditioner and work your way from the bottom up. The must have comb for all hair types is a wide tooth comb. 

Teasing Brush

Teasing is mostly done for achieving volume, height and big styles. Using a pure bristle, skinny comb is best because it’s easy on the scalp and helps to distribute hair’s natural oils. The staggered lengths on the bristles help to penetrate and lift the hair. Teasing brushes with a tapered point at the end makes it much easier to section and separate.

Paddle Brush

Paddle brushes are generally flat with a wide surface, making them great to smooth your hair. They usually have bristles coming out of a soft pad and are great for detangling and smoothing straight hair. The cushion is designed to be soft to the scalp and equally distribute natural oils from roots to ends. This brush is ideal for someone who can get their hair straight easily with a blow dryer and want to “flat wrap.”
Round Brush

Round Brush

Round brushes are a must have for your brush collection. What is it about the particular blow dry we get at the salon that’s so amazing? Easy, it’s a round brush! They’re ideal for creating volume, sleekness and giving a bevel/curled feel. They come in different sizes for your desired look. The smaller the barrel the tighter your curl will be. Choose a bigger barrel brush for that voluminous and bouncy blow dry. Ceramic round brushes tend to work best with the blow dryer because of it getting hot from the dryer. Make sure to blow dry your hair about 80% of the way and go in with the round brush to smooth any frizz.

Styling Wide Tooth Brush

A wide tooth styling brush works wonders for brushing out curls. The bristles are movable and wide enough to actually group the curls together and give extra definition. These brushes have spaced nylon pins that help to not pull the hair. If your hair is being set with pin curls, or are using a hot tool to curl your hair, use this brush to evenly grip your hair and shape where needed.

Make hair styling easier on yourself! Hair is one of those things we shouldn’t stress out about every morning. Using the correct brush and knowing how to use it will simplify your life. Lock in your favorite hairstyles with a bit of practice and product if necessary. Don’t hesitate to ask your hairdresser for styling tips and tricks for everyday looks. If you still don’t feel confident enough, check out our hair styling tutorials on or head on over to our YouTube channel to watch the Victory Roll or Vintage Waves videos! Happy styling dolls!

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