A Day In Santa Ana With Andrea

Suavecito Pomade was founded in Santa Ana, California in 2009. With the company’s roots being in the heart of the city, we wanted to represent the city for what we know it as. The community is well known for its rich Hispanic culture surrounded with taco trucks, fruit stands, parks and markets. With that being said, it was only fitting that we name one of our lipsticks ‘Santa Ana.’ When this collection launched, we reached out to Andrea Rosas, also known as @Iamandrearosas on Instagram, to send her the new shades to play with. Being a resident of Santa Ana, she was so thrilled to hear that one of the shades was named after her beloved city.

We reached out to her to see if we could spend the day with her doing some of her favorite things in her hometown. What we admire so much about her is that she mixes original fashion with what’s modern now. She normally wears high waisted dickies with her Nike Cortez sneakers and a trendy top. Her hair and makeup always look absolutely impeccable. From her flawless skin, to her winged liner and dark lined lips, she is extremely unique.

A Day In Santa Ana With Andrea

Andrea had expressed her love for old cars, which only made sense that we contact our friends from KLIQUE OC Car Club to let us borrow one of their best oldies for this shoot. The car used for the shoot was a light blue 1975 Chevy Caprice low rider that Andrea fell in love with! What turned out to be a wonderful surprise was that Andrea brought her cousin Melissa to accompany her. The two cousins are actually quite close and try to spend as much time together as possible. Once we got some shots of the ladies in and out of the car, we brought over our furry friend Rocky the Pit to jump in some of the pictures. Andrea loves dogs and coincidentally owns a Pitbull of her own.

Andrea with Rocky the Pit

Next stop was her favorite taco truck ‘Tacos Yaqui’ located in Santa Ana’s neighborhoods on Broadway and Edinger Avenue. We indulged in some of their classics like the tacos ‘Yaqui’ and tacos ‘Perrones.’ To wash down the deliciousness, we drove over to Beer Land up the street to pick up a few cold ones. Melissa invited us over to hang out at her place and drink the 40s at her Santa Ana home. We hung out on lawn chairs, listened to funk, cracked jokes and enjoyed the beers on a hot So Cal day.

Our last stop was Memorial Park located on Flower Street. Andrea has a ton of memories growing up and hanging out at that park with friends and family. What’s great about this park is that there are quite a few fruit stands/carts that vend all sorts of OG snacks. These little carts offer fresh fruit, raspados, tostilocos and mangonadas. Andrea chose some fresh fruit with lime juice and Tajin chili powder. Being Hispanic means squeezing lime and chile on anything to make it that much better! Where would we be without all these scrumptious classic Mexican snacks?

A Day In Santa Ana With Andrea

After a day of fun, our time with Andrea was coming to an end. It was a pleasure hanging out with both her and her cousin and we thank them for showing us around. They both really showed what a day in Santa Ana is. Andrea is extremely proud of her culture and embraces it daily. With the most humbling attitude, we’re so happy to have had Andrea represent how much love she has for the city of Santa Ana.

A Day In Santa Ana With AndreaA Day In Santa Ana With Andrea


  • AWESOME PLACE! I grew up in Santa Ana and love your place. I bring my adult boys with me as often as I can. Being a big dude it’s hard to find shirts that fit, but I never have a problem when I come into the store. I’m like a walking billboard for your shop. The only thing I can say that I could use is a bigger hoodie. I’m a 4xlt but I like them a little baggie 5x-6x

    James J.C. Contreras
  • i lika all the pictures

    sharika auxier
  • I always love seeing my peers shine! I’m so glad to see her recognized and full of life <3 Mucho Love from Melody

    melody lenhardt
  • Always looking so bomb ??

  • What lipstick is she wearing? She looks so beautiful!


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