Eyebrow Tutorial using Suavecita Pomade

We all use Suavecita Pomade for our hair, but have you thought to use it in your eyebrows? Probably not right? Creative makeup artist Jessica Hertz aka @babyjaymakeup uses our pomade to set her eyebrow hair in place. She uses a small amount prior to putting her daily tinted eyebrow product on. It’s a fast and effective way to keep your unruly hairs in place.
  1. Using the end of your eyebrow brush, dip a small amount into your Suavecita Pomade can.
  2. Lightly go over your eyebrow hair and brush it using a spooley.
  3. Let the Pomade sit for a minute or so, as the product is wet.
  4. Using your preferred eyebrow product, create your outline and shape. Fill in any gaps in your eyebrows as needed.
  5. Use a foundation or concealer to clean up any imperfections around the eyebrows.
  6. Voila! You got your eyebrows set in place with your pomade and product. Those brows won’t be sticking up any time after that.




  • Asombroso

  • My beautiful, intelligent and kind granddaughter… I am proud of you!

    Kay Hertz

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