Hair Color for Mermaids

Hair color has evolved into a creative way to express yourself. Bright and funky colors used to turn heads but not always for the right reasons. Luckily, that is not the case anymore! Rainbow and pastel shades are giving women a mermaid or unicorn feel now. The current color technique that is most requested is the Balayage/Ombré.That just means that your hair goes from dark to light. Your roots will subtly or dramatically melt into another color. It’s a beautiful transition because you see multiple shades! Classic coloring techniques vary from highlighting, all over coloring or peekaboos. With so many social media profiles dedicated to hair, makes it so hard to not resist! There’s nothing like seeing one of our supporters using Suavecita hair products to style while rocking a gorgeous and bright hair color. With that being said, Suavecita has a new product coming soon. Can you guess what it is? Yup, coming soon to the Suavecita hair line is semi-permanent hair color!

Whether you’re a DIY or salon girl, here are some basic tips to achieve colorful hair. Before beginning the process, you must make sure you’re at a level 10. Level 1 is black, Level 6 is dirty blonde and level 10 is platinum. If you’ve chosen a color such as, lilac, cotton candy pink, silver, or any light pastel shade, the level 10 rule is crucial! If your hair doesn’t reach the shade you chose, your hair was still too dark. Make sure to have a bleach kit containing lightener and a higher leveled developer. To create an all-over color, you’ll have to work on your mid band and ends first. (Because it’s older hair and has more damage/color on it.) Avoid your roots till you feel the mid band and ends have reached your desired goal. (The roots tend to lift the fastest due to body heat.) Be cautious of your hair’s integrity the entire time. Lightener is not very gentle on our hair, especially when overdone. If you go to a salon, please ask your stylist about OLAPLEX. OLAPLEX is a hair bonder that gets mixed in with your lightener or color to prevent breakage. Otherwise, fully saturate your hair with lightener to keep a consistent level. Wrapping your hair in foil will keep your highlights clean and will make your process go faster. (Foil creates heat.)

If going an all-over color isn’t the route you’d like to go and are wanting something subtler, you’ll want to create the Balayage technique. What’s so fun about Balayage is that there’s no right or wrong to it. Pick up a piece that you want lightened and lighten! Some people prefer baby highlights, the ends or simply just the fringe. This is completely free styled! You choose where you want to see your pop of color and there it will be. If you’ve chosen a darker shade such as a dark blue, dark purple, dark green etc. you can get away with being at a level 8 or 9. It’s still highly recommended to shoot for a level 10 for BEST results. The Suavecita Semi-Permanent hair color line will vary from rainbow shades and pastels including the same directions and procedure to achieve bright and beautiful hair color. Follow our Instagram for updates on release dates, swatches and more!

Brooke Benton, also known as @Brookebent on Instagram, is a blonding expert from Los Angeles, California. Over the summer, Brooke created a beautiful cotton candy dream. She gave the client a Neon Fuchsia/magenta root melting into a pastel pink. The hair was cut into a blunt and choppy A-line then styled with a subtle beachy wave.




Elissa Wolfe is a Vancouver Balayage specialist. Her clients trust her for these fun and punky shades! Her work varies from bright lime greens to soft silvers. A color you don’t see often is a forest green shade, which is why it makes this color so admirable! @ElissaWolfe gave her extremely loyal client @LilMoonChildd a dark blue root that fused into a mysterious dark green. Great color combination!




Blending properly during a balayage service is imperative. Kate Eissinger (@KatelovesHair) puts her skills to the test by working with multiple shades! This Las Vegas colorist created a Mai Tai mermaid hair that is out of this world! Here, she used four shades to create this phenomenal warm sunset dream. For the base, she used a dark burgundy and feathered down into a pomegranate shade. As the hair got lighter, the next color was a rich copper that bled into light copper/blonde ends. Mixing so many shades together ain’t easy; BRAVO Kate!




Highlighting Queen, Kelly Massias knows how to give her hair babes perfectly sun kissed beachy highlights. This Miami stylist created a soft pink lemonade feel for a client back in October. @KellyMassiasHair touched up her roots with a classic highlighting technique which left the hair blonde throughout. What’s to love here is the subtly of the pink on the ends. The pale blonde highlights ended around shoulder length and came in this blush pop of color!  As this pink washes out, it’ll become lighter and even gentler for this blonde. Kelly finished the look with some beautiful mermaid waves.




(Photo by: @Melissaannvp)

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