Jasmin and Thalia’s Road Trip


There’s nothing more adventurous than the classic road trip with one of your best buds. We reached out to Jasmin and Thalia to spend the day with us and road trip to Joshua Tree, California while taking candid photos of them. Both ladies know each other pretty well which made things much more natural for them. Our vision was to capture their way up there; shop, have a picnic, go to Pioneer Town and explore the well-known Joshua Tree Saloon.

The first few shots we got of them on the road were of the girls trying to map out where to go. After they established that the Joshua Tree Saloon was their first destination, Jasmin took photos of Thalia driving with a vintage Canon camera. The ladies rolled up in a ’49 Ford Shoebox ready to explore the town. Both wore vintage two pieces that were floral and bright that truly made them stand out in the crowd. After finding some cool spots to shoot at around the Saloon, we all enjoyed some margaritas with our lunch.

With Ricochet Vintage Wears just around the corner, the girls were able to do what they do best, thrift shop! As Jasmin dug through a box of records, Thalia tried on a few pairs of shoes. Seeing the girls acting silly as they tried on ridiculous hats and big fur coats made it the perfect opportunity to capture them in their own element.

As we were about to leave the thrift shop, we found a patio where we set up a quick snack break for them. With the weather being almost ninety degrees, it was refreshing to sit under a big tree, set up a blanket and cool down with some pretty pink juice and mixed berries. Silly ladies giggled away as they fed each other strawberries and reminisced on great memories. Before cleaning up the picnic, Thalia noticed Jasmin had a few hairs of place, therefore, grabbed the Suavecita Firm Hold Hairspray to lock in her hairstyle.



Last stop of the day was Pioneer town. The entire strip is western themed with lots of wood, old fixtures, wagons and antique décor. The sun was just setting as we arrived and were thrilled about these photos. The ladies had an outfit change and wore two new lipstick shades from the Suavecita “S” Collection. Thalia wore STRUT and Jasmin wore SLAY. As they took a seat on a bench, a random kitty arrived on set and just wanted to become a part of this shoot with them.

Jasmin and Thalia proceeded to window shop throughout Pioneer town and peek through abandoned barns. As the trip was coming to an end, we asked the ladies to get some shots of them driving out of Joshua Tree. Jasmin waved goodbye to the desert as her and Thalia drove off into the sunset. Check out Jasmin and Thalia’s Road Trip look book here.

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