Suavecita S Collection

Suavecita S Collection

Our S Collection brings you four beautiful Semi-Matte shades. This collection is highly pigmented enriched with the same hydrating ingredients as our first collection. Each lipstick is infused with safflower seed oil, aloe vera, honey suckle flower extract and jojoba oil to leave your lips feeling hydrated. All lipsticks are Vegan and Cruelty-Free.

The first shade in our collection is STRUT. Strut is an orange kissed red shade. In comparison to Victory, our other red shade, this has warmer tones as oppose to a blue cool toned red shade. It’s a perfectly formulated bright red

Suavecita Strut Lipstick


The second shade in our collection is SANTA ANA. Santa Ana is a Semi-Matte rose kissed brownish nude shade. This nude shade is a dusty pink that truly looks great on all skin tones!

Suavecita Santa Ana Lipstick


The Third shade in our collection is SOMA. Soma is a Semi-Matte cranberry kissed plum shade. This beautiful shade is right in the middle of a cranberry and plum. With hints of both pink and purple creates an everyday wearable shade.

Suavecita Soma Lipstick


The last shade in our collection is SLAY. Slay is a chestnut kissed chocolate shade. With darker lip shades on the horizon, this is a must have fall shade. It’s a rich, warm, dark chocolate shade -So yummy looking you’ll want to eat it!

Suavecita Slay Lipstick


Purchase all four as a bundle or separately!

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